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These are the top 10 countries of nuclear weapons on our planet. Top 5 States are significant (NPT), the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The next three countries are outside the NPT. Israel has declared a state of non-nuclear weapons, and the rest of the nations of the NATO nuclear sharing.

United States :9600
during World War II, it was feared that the Nazis were trying to develop nuclear weapons. As such, the United States began the Manhattan Project with Canada and the United Kingdom. Trinity was developed in 1945. U.S. bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, two Japanese cities, and is the only nation to date has used nuclear weapons against another country.

 After the first world war, Russia needed to restore the balance of power during the Cold War. Were different, and scrambled to develop its nuclear weapons program to be on the same side with the United States. It is also believed that Russia has used a series of spies to help develop projects. Russia is the difference between the detonation powerful tool for people Tsar Bomba.

United Kingdom: 225
the hurricane was first tested in the United Kingdom in 1952. A lot of resources and knowledge was the Manhattan Project, which was conducted in cooperation with the United States. The main objective of the United Kingdom was that the project could act as a deterrent to Russia. She did not want to respond perfectly within the United States to help and wanted to be an independent nuclear power.

 Now the French do not want to be back. It would be able to rely, at least in Europe if not worldwide. A remarkable fact is that most projects were implemented to the original data. Blue Gerbil was tested in 1960.

China: 240
China does not trust the United States and Russia. 596 was tested in 1964. But once the Chinese began, worked hard and fast, and we strive to be on par with the two great powers of Russia and the United States. Although China is the only country in the nuclear weapons club has adopted the first "to use the policy.

Pakistan: >100
Not wanting to be left behind as India, Pakistan has started its own nuclear program, which is supposed to have been assisted by China. But it was not until 1998 that Pakistan tested Chagia, and is believed to be a nation in pursuit of increased inventories.

 India tested Budhha Smile in 1974. India has maintained that it was a peaceful nuclear program, but he argued that the dual-use technologies in use, civilian nuclear technology which could be forwarded secretly to weapons technology. India's goal should be at par with China, and also to ensure that neighboring Pakistan was aware of the power of India.

North Korea:10
The first test by North Korea was precisely in 2006. North Korea has been a member of the NPT until 2003. Little is known about the tests and subsequent projects that North Korea is one of the most secretive countries in the world.

Israel has never officially said that it is a nuclear weapons state and has always maintained that all he does is related to its civil nuclear program. Although weapons bunkers, mobile missile launchers and launch sites were captured in satellite images.

Germany / Belgium / Canada / France / Italy / Netherlands / Turkey: These are the NATO countries, and because of NATO nuclear weapons sharing program, these countries have deployed nuclear weapons are stored and was provided by United States. This program is designed to be compatible with the NPT, the U.S. has custody and absolute control of nuclear weapons.

In addition to these top 10 countries have nuclear weapons in some countries that are on the point of application of nuclear dream, even if things are not well aware of this relationship. These countries are Iran, Iraq and Syria, although it is currently in Iraq is not capable of working with nuclear weapons, given the objective situation of the United States. Then there was a limited number of countries, which took place nuclear powers in the past. Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine became nuclear powers, when they shall inherit the arms due to the fall of the Soviet Union. But they returned the weapons to Russia and joined the NPT. In addition, countries such as South Africa, Argentina, South Korea, Libya, Brazil and Taiwan, have had nuclear weapons programs, but were set aside.

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